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Accent is a small, specialist organisation. Although we work with big corporations, we never have more than 25 Executives and Professionals on our courses at Bicton College and frequently the number is smaller than that - around 10 or 12. This is deliberate because we do not believe that we can provide the specialisation and personal attention that we want to achieve on every course if we accept too many participants.

The courses are designed for executives and professionals who wish to study English intensively to make rapid progress as a result of expert tuition and specially-designed programmes of study. All trainers are qualified and well-experienced in general, business and specialist English. Using modern technology, a variety of methodologies and a personal approach, each participant's needs are analysed, materials are selected or written and a course programme prepared.

Accent always designs the course to fit the needs of the participant. We do not ask the participant to try to fit the course.

Accent provides courses in General English, Business English and a very large number of specific types of English or English for Specific Purposes.

General English includes Socializing, English for Study Purposes, Travel, General Communication or Research

Business English can look at general Business language or it could be one of a series of work-focused topics such as: 

Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Production, General Management, Logistics etc.

Specific English can cover such areas as:

Medicine, Law, Journalism, Advertising, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Petroleum, Automotive Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industry, Biotechnology, Railways, Accounting, Auditing, Financial Trading, Aeronautics etc.

Specific Skills in English can be taught in all of these areas and a course can focus intensively on one of these skills or on a selection of several. 

These include:

Corresponding, Meetings, Negotiations, Presentations, Socializing, Attending Conferences, Working with Numbers, Intercultural Awareness, Business Travel, Report-writing, Reading Technical Documents etc.

We have long experience of a very wide range of specific types of English Language. 

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