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Coaching for International Leadership: Individually designed programmes for managers who work internationally

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Who is it for?

Managers who need:

  • To work internationally in English at a high level.
  • To work with people from different cultures and business environments.
  • To develop meetings, presentation and negotiation skills in English.
  • To manage time, change and crisis in English.

Programme Format

Each programme is designed to meet the needs of the individual manager.

Training can be:

  • Intensive in format, at our UK centre;
  • Or it can be intensive in format but at your office or home, in your country;
  • Or it can be regular shorter sessions, online;
  • Or it can be a mixture of all of these.

Programme Content

Coaching for International Leadership programmes may include, but need not be limited to: 

• Assessment and evaluation of current skills • Building Teams
• Agreement of future needs • Motivational Tools
• Language Skills • International Leadership                         
• Communication Skills • Time Management
• Intercultural Skills • Crisis Management
• Presentation Skills • Change Management
• Negotiation Techniques • Stress Management
• Chairing Meetings • Internationalisation

Your Personal Coach

Mark Waistell, B.Sc. (Hons.) M.A., P.G.C.E., D.E.L.T.A., F.R.S.A.

Mark Waistell is the Senior Partner at Accent International and the Senior Consultant at Accentuate.

He has qualifications in Science, Education, Teaching , Applied Linguistics and Diversity Training. 

He has been Chair of National Committees on a variety of topics, is a member of the British Council Accreditation Advisory Board and is consultant to several national and international organisations. 

He works all over the world and has helped Presidents and Vice-Presidents, CEOs, and Senior Directors in almost all business sectors. 

He has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Discuss your Needs with us

Contact us to discuss your needs and budget. 

You can also:

Download information about Coaching for International Leadership


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