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Accent Corporate: English Language Training for Companies 

The main areas for Accent Corporate include:

  • English and Intercultural Awareness
  • Team English
  • Reward English
  • Corporate Simulations
  • In-company training

Accent Corporate provides:

  1. Seminars in other countries
  2. Corporate groups in the UK
  3. VIP Programmes for Senior Executives

Download an Accent Corporate Brochure

Download an In-Company Training brochure

Seminars in Other Countries

Accent International sends a trainer or a group of trainers to the company in their own country to deliver tailor-made programmes in the offices or training centres of the client.

Large numbers of managers that need training as efficiently, effectively and economically as possible.

Individual or small group of managers that need specialist English but cannot travel to the UK.

Human Resources or Training Departments that need a regular or repeated programme of specialist English training.

These training programmes can cover almost any specialist area of English - in fact we have literally delivered courses from A to Z (from English for Accountancy to English for Zoological Consultancy).

For more details, please contact us with your specific needs.


There are many different possible formats:
  • One-day individual programmes for a senior executives or an important presentation;
  • Small specialist seminars for 2 or 3 days for a company department;
  • One or two-week programmes for mixed business needs
  • Residential seminars for 60 or 70 key people
  • Year-round programmes for whole companies.
  • Simulations to provide managers with the opportunity to work at their real jobs, with their real activities. These Simulations can last for one day or a week.

For costs and more details:

Download an In-Company Training brochure

or contact us with your specific needs.

Corporate groups in the UK

Accent has worked closely for many years with corporate clients. Some of these clients have asked for specific programmes to be designed and we are now able to make these programmes available for everyone.

These closed corporate group programmes are intended for groups of 4 or more from the same company who have specific but similar needs and can benefit from cost reductions available for corporate groups.

For more details, please contact us with your specific needs.

VIP Programmes For Senior Executives:

The Total VIP programme

For more details, please contact us with your specific needs.

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