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AccentVirtual is online training for our busy Executive and Professional Clients.

Here are some of our top tips for how to get the most out of AccentVirtual lessons:

1. Find a place with a secure internet connection; nothing is more frustrating than broken sound/video or both.

2. Make sure you are in a "work position" such as a desk or table. This will help you to engage fully in the session.

3. Prepare yourself before the lesson... Review any previous lessons, or areas of weakness. Usain Bolt doesn't run the 100m immediately after getting out of bed (or maybe he does!). Remember you are a human being and not a robot, preparation helps you to be at your best and improves your confidence.

4. Review feedback from the trainer after the session, try to identify patterns and areas that require improvement.

5. Think about your sessions during the week, this will help you to keep new language fresh in your mind.

6. Have clear objectives. This will help you and your trainer to focus on what is really important.

7. Suggest your own materials for discussion. Topics that are interesting, enjoyable or provoke some sort of emotional reaction will help you to remember any language points that arise during the lesson. 

8. Relax, this is a safe environment designed to help you improve. Mistakes are an important part of the learning process. Embrace mistakes, and you will benefit more!

Any questions? Give us a call!

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