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June 23rd 2016

Monkey Puzzles and Management

June 15th 2016

Even Executives need a holiday!

May 24th 2016

Are teachers born or made? - Nature or nurture?

May 16th 2016

Dark Lantern Leadership Theory - Mark's blogging takes a turn to the dark side.

April 29th 2016

Crisis? What Crisis? - Everybody loves a good crisis, don't they?

April 27th 2016

Ch-Ch-Ch....Changes - Is change a necessary evil?

April 22nd 2016

Seriously Funny - Funny names for simple things in Mark's Blog

April 15th 2016

Just Shut Up! - The art of great conversation 

March 30th 2016

Accent Abroad 

Mark was in Italy at the start of the year, visiting clients, partners and agents. One of the outcomes was the JV with MESN (see above) and there are also corporate agreements with the Automotive Electrical sector and probable training programmes for the Gas sector. 

A short visit to the south of France was then followed by a long trip back to Kazakhstan. 

Having been a consultant to inspect the English teaching in their schools at the end of last year, Mark discovered that he must not have behaved too badly as he was invited back to be the opening plenary speaker at a series of conferences for University teachers on teaching Maths, Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine through the medium of English. 

The audiences were large and welcoming but 10 flights in 6 days from the border with China to just north of the Himalayas to just south of Siberia and a temperature range from minus 25 to plus 25. 

He was also asked to be the closing plenary speaker at the Annual English UK Management Conference in Cardiff. 

His topic? Principles for Principals (or the difference between Management and Leadership). 

Any comments?

March 29th 2016

Please, Please Me - Mark's discussion on Leadership and Management Styles

March 20th 2016


During our last trip to India there were three parts to the programme.

Firstly, we were invited to a high-powered conference-the UK-India Business Convention, with Ministers and Politicians from both countries. 

It was very useful and Mark managed to question the UK Minister for Business Innovation and Skills during a televised debate. His question was about removing students from net migration figures and so making it easier for students to come to the UK. It might be a coincidence but two days later, the newspapers reported that this Minister had written to the Home Secretary to suggest exactly the same change in policy. 

Secondly, we met several people in the Automotive sector as we are trying to develop an online merged training programme of vocational, customer service and language skills.

Thirdly, with our UK and India partners, we carried out two invitation workshops: the first on "International Business in the 21st Century" and the second on "International Automotive Skills".

And finally, we even managed to fit in a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal on the Sunday. All this and lovely Indian food, too! 

Following our visits to India, we have now been asked to collaborate with the British Education Centres network there, to provide consultancy and training for Corporate Clients, teacher training for Business English teachers and online vocational and higher education programmes.    

March 13th 2016

Academic Pathways                  

Bicton College is part of the Cornwall Colleges group and we are working with them to establish an International Studies Centre on the campus.

This will work with students to provide Academic English and Study Skills,  IELTS examinations, Foundation Courses,  Further Education, Foundation Degrees, Bachelors and Masters degrees and specialist short professional courses across the curriculum from Agriculture and Horticulture through Business Studies and IT to Healthcare, Hospitality, Science, Engineering and Sustainable Living.       

March 6th 2016

Medical English 

Back in 2010, Mark worked as a consultant to help two of our Accent Alumni set up a Medical English centre on the campus of the major teaching hospital in Italy, Ospedale San Raffaelle in Milan.

In the five years since then, Medical English Service Network (MESN) has grown and works throughout Italy, providing face-to-face, online and distance-learning courses to Medical and Pharmaceutical professionals. 

We have drawn up a Memorandum of Understanding with MESN to help develop their products, write courses, supply training and develop their business outside Italy and online. 

If you work in these sectors and would like more information, please get in touch.

February 28th 2016

Publishing and Materials 

We have established a close relationship with Specialist Language Courses, a publisher of online courses for Specialist English. Steve, with Stuart, has written the new online course, English for Oil and Gas and you can see that here 

We will be working much more closely together in the future and intend to produce online courses in the Energy, Medical, Pharma and Engineering sectors. 

Watch this space!

February 21st 2016

Walls or bridges- A discussion about the approaches we take toward making connections

February 12th 2016

Nightingale Floor- Mark gives us more nuggets on the power of listening

February 5th 2016

"Bite you on the bum"- Mark's LinkedIn Blog continues

February 3rd 2016

Thanks, Aristotle! Accent International's Student Feedback for 2015 is in, and it makes great reading!

January 29th 2016

Lark or Owl- Mark continues his blog, talking about different of managerial styles

January 22nd 2016

Blue Whale- Mark discusses communication problems on his LinkedIn Blog


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